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Jan 24, 2014: Delta Trust Investments, Inc. Hires Richardson

Delta Trust is proud to announce new hire Rich Richardson as Vice President of Investments and Financial Advisor. Richardson will join the Conway team as Delta Trust expands to Conway by opening a full service branch this spring. “Richardson is a great team member and will be essential in expanding our Central Arkansas reach. We [...]

Jan 16, 2014: Finance Gurus and Their Crystal Balls | Dave Eckess

Every year around this time investment experts and firms publish their market forecasts for the new year. You will hear about top down, bottom up, qualitative analysis, quantative analysis, proprietary forecasting models and the list goes on. These experts, with some degree of fanfare, proclaim where they believe the financial markets will end the year [...]

Nov 8, 2013: Doing Many Things Well for You

To provide our clients greater support and success, we believe that we must provide each of them a full range of financial expertise. At Delta Trust, our team is made of industry professionals that have exceptional experience and knowledge in the fields of banking, trust, investments, insurance and home financing. This allows us to bring our customers the comfort of complete [...]

Nov 1, 2013: Fixed Income – Know Your Risk

There is a general consensus among market strategists that higher interest rates are on the horizon. Some expect substantially higher interest rates in the years ahead. That said, anyone investing in fixed income investments, whether that would be corporate bonds, municipal bonds, preferred securities, bond mutual funds, or the like need to be keenly aware [...]

Oct 18, 2013: Soiree Magazine’s Platinum Service Awards

Delta Trust & Bank takes great pride in serving its customers and providing the highest level of customer service.  If you feel Delta Trust & Bank is the best in Little Rock, consider voting for us in Soiree magazine’s Platinum Service Awards for 2014.  We are eligible in the categories of Banks, Insurance Company and [...]

Oct 7, 2013: Savings Alternatives in a Low Interest World | Cary Curzon

Since the height of the financial crisis in 2008 interest rates are a frequent topic of discussion. If you are in a position to borrow money, purchase a home or refinance a mortgage, you love these historical low rates. This is a great time for a borrower but if you are a saver you are [...]

Sep 4, 2013: The Beautiful Wall of Worry | Sean Barron

One of the most dreadful things to occur prior to a busy day at work is a restless night of sleep. You know, one of those in which it feels like you are waking up at every possible hour? And when you feel rest is within arms’ reach…the alarm clock sounds! This is how the [...]

Aug 14, 2013: Custodial Accounts Aren’t Old Fashioned | Chad Carlson

I love the 529 plan as a college savings tool, but I also think we shouldn’t forget the benefits of a traditional custodial account. The notion that a custodial account (sometimes referred to as a UTMA account) is old-fashioned or out-of-favor misses the point. While UGMAs and UTMAs were traditionally one of the only account types [...]

Jul 18, 2013: Third Quarter Tactical Allocation Update | Sean Barron

Since the financial crisis, short term market movements have been increasingly driven by central banks, government actions, and social unrest. Second quarter’s markets results were largely defined by the following events: First, the Bank of Japan (which has suffered through two decades of low to negative inflation) started an unprecedented easing program that resulted in a [...]

Jul 5, 2013: A Client Conversation: The Reality of Real Rates of Return | Sean Barron

As a portfolio manager, the number one question I have received over the last few years has been “What can I invest in that is safe and has a good yield?” The word “safe” is one that I sometimes have a different interpretation of than does the person asking – safe in terms of maintaining [...]

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